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Sandália Plugt Play Oncinha Pink Azul Neon

R$ 97,00



Not nor words to describe this lindeza which is the sandal plugt play oncinha pink neon! The gáspea with two straps are all printed oncinha, the back strap and the buckles pink give the special touch outdoor footwear. Recalling that the strip up have closure per contact that eases very freshly Wedge! The insole technological features furinhos helping the perspiration toes and is still well comfortable. The outsole is levinha and slip resistant.

Length insole in CM:
(Measure from toe to heel)

19/20 – 13 cm
21/22 – 14,4 cm
23/24 – 15,6 cm
25/26 – 17 cm


About us:

The plugt is a company expert in manufacturing children shoes bloodshot.

The material as utilizamos is PVC microexpandido that plus lightweight, comfortable, easy to wash, still is recyclable (what conseguimos making since the process productive up after use-a process friend environmental friendly).

Always the inspiramos no power imagining the children to create products fun and colorful so as plugt is! Oh, and without leaving aside the comfort, the practicality, fit and ease in wash that mommy love!

Manufacture shoes 17/18 high 41/42

Informação adicional


19 20, 21 22, 23 24, 25 26


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